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The question is at what stage of tranny passion do you tell the tgirl to put the condom on ? is it too late just as your about to get bareback fucked?

bareback sexWhilst we all have our views on tranny bareback sex just when do you bring up the subject of bareback tgirl sex? when you first meet? in the bedroom or just before some hung tranny is going to fuck your virgin ass ?

You read this tranny bareback story and tell me, how would you react if a tranny was just about to fuck you without a condom especially when right in the middle of passion

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All I know is I wanted Eva’s tgirl cock Soooooo deep inside me I knew she was fucking me bareback but I just didn’t care and I was so wet it glided all the way up to the hilt inside me. At first it was a little pain, then my ass seemed to just open up for her.

I loved Eva's cock inside me. She started to thrust into me I raised my pelvis up and pushed my ass towards her, as she grabbed my love handles and fucked me hard balls deep. I have never been so aroused. I loved the sound of her balls slapping against my fat ass cheeks after each stroke! I cried out "faster!" She responded with such vigour and I could see her veins and tight muscles in her arms as she squeezed me harder.

She was moaning deep and loud now, as was I. I didn't want this moment to end. My senses were going crazy. She smelt incredibly sweet, watching her roll her head in ecstasy, with her long frizzly hair cascading her body.

Feeling her balls bang against my ass cheeks. And her boobs bounce as she was fucking me. Eva cried out she was close. Eva continued to pound my ass hole which was squelching with her love juice as she dug me out. She then lowered herself against me as her beautiful breasts pressed against my chest rubbing together and lubricated in sweat. 

Her hair flopped all around me; she kissed my mouth as she fucked me. I cuddled her tight and my hands went down to her waist as I pressed against my buttocks so she could fuck me harder and deeper. 

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the tranny photos below are random contact not assoicated to this story - they may well enjoy bareback sex thats something you'll just have to ask when you contact them

Eva then turned her head over to the side of my neck and kissed it. I could feel a little hot cum trickle out my ass and rolling back down my butt crack. 

Eva then nibbled my ear lobe and whispered in her Latina accent "I am cumming now!". "So am I!" I cried back. She tucked her hands under my shoulders and trusted her cock as fast as she could. 

She was unstoppable. She screamed as she filled my ass with her jizz. I could feel the hot spunk of hers shooting up inside me. I frothed my cum so hard that it ran up her chest and onto the side of her face. I quickly licked it off as she pumped the last trace of fluid into my swollen ass. Even though Eva came she still managed to slowly  thrust her swollen cock inside my soaking wet ass a little while longer. 

We lay in this position for several minutes as we kissed each other with the same passion we had in the club. Eva slowly rolled off me and lay beside me. I reached to feel my ass and she made my ass hole really big and stretched.

My ass hole was soaked in white thick gooey cum. My cock was still long and hard. This was one of my best experiences. I returned the favour by fucking her mouth until I came. We feel asleep in each others arms and she fucked my brains out in the morning. 


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