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Its not until this Manchester transvestite was living alone that he was able to explore the more sexual side to being a transvestite and its pretty clear he's loving it this story submitted by member

manchesterIt was only when this Manchester Tranny got his own place that he was able to explore his sexuality and from reading this Manchester tranny story this member did just that after joining us

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I’ve known from a very young age that I like to dress in women’s clothes.  I would often put on a pair of my older sister’s knickers and one of her dresses when there was no one else was at home and wear them around the house just to feel the soft silky material against my skin. 

No one ever knew, and I always felt pretty alone as I was afraid that if anyone did find out I’d be thrown out of the house, and never spoken to by my family, who I loved dearly, again. So I always felt like an outsider, like what I was doing was a dirty secret and that I could never tell anyone about it.  So my cross-dressing secret remained a secret until I left home and got my own place.  Alone in my own home I felt free to explore my female side, to set her free to do what she wanted to do and to wear what she wanted to wear. 

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It was a freedom that I’d never felt before, and so I spent most of my time when I was at home wearing dresses or skirts and a blouse, but always a red silky g-string, that stroked my cock and rubbed my arse when I moved, I just loved it.

I’d never had real sex with a real man before, I knew I preferred men to women but I was always a little afraid of the gay scene when I was living at home with my parents in case they found out. But with the internet it had opened up a whole world of possibilities to me that whilst I was in my parents’ house was closed.

I watched gay porn, watched shemales with straight guys and gay guys as well as other shemales, and knew I wanted to have real sex with a guy really soon. 

One evening whilst I was surfing the internet I came across a website for transsexuals, transvestites & crossdressers, it seemed to be more of a dating site though than a porn site. It was free to join initially with an option to upgrade to a premium membership, which gave you access to a load more features, if you wanted to.

It was exactly what I had been looking for so I signed up immediately.  I filled in a basic profile just so I could get to see who else was on the site, see some pictures and maybe start messaging other members.  I soon found out that a lot of members weren’t TS’s, TV’s or cross dressers but where ordinary guys who’d liked to meet one.

This site was perfect, I no longer felt alone and I wanted to be part of the community.  My free membership came with some pretty strong restrictions, so I decided to upgrade to the full membership, I am so glad I did. It gave me access to a lot more members who were willing to share more pictures more emails and generally have more intimate contact with me. 

 I updated my profile too, with some very sexy pictures, starting with me fully dressed in my sexiest outfit and gradually taking all but by red silk g-string off. The final picture was of me kneeling with my legs spread wearing my red g-string with my stiff cock sticking out of the side.

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