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This is the second part of this story and if like me you love reading tranny stories you'll love this one - Here we read about this Manchester trannies first profile just get better with every word

manchesterCarried on from - Manchester tranny

My profile got loads of views, and was very popular; I was soon getting requests to meet up.  One guy called Carl caught my eye, and we really started chatting and emailing.  I found out that he was a manager of a clothes shop, lived not too far away from me and that he was separated from his wife. Could a straight guy be the first to fuck my virgin arse?

I really wanted to find out, and the more we talked the more I was sure he was the one.  So I said I’d agree to meet him, he said to come to his shop just before closing, where we could get to know each other better.

I said ok, when, and he said what about tomorrow, as he couldn’t wait to see me. I messaged him back and said great, I’m looking forward to the ride. The next day couldn’t come quick enough I was excited all day, and as the afternoon came around I did my face with some light make up, put on my black and red lacy corset, my red silk g-string under a pair of skin tight stretch jeans, I looked fab even if I say so myself.  Covered by my over coat I jumped into my car and drove to the shopping centre where Carl’s shop was, it was about an hour’s drive away, but I really wanted him.

When I walked into his shop there was only one or two customers in there, who were at the till paying for their clothes, so I just browsed around until they’d gone.  Carl looked up and saw me. Our eyes met in instant recognition, which made me blush. It was time to lock up the shop which did, and then ushered me into the back room.

There were no words; we both knew what we wanted, he pulled me too him and kissed me deeply, I opened my mouth to let his tongue in, and they danced together as I felt his hands move down to stroke my arse.  I could feel my cock swelling in my g-string, as his hand slipped round to squeeze my balls gently through my jeans.

He broke the kiss took off my coat then knelt in front of me to undo my jeans, as he pulled them down there was a gasp as he saw my g-string and my stiff cock poking out of the side.

“Just like your photo” he said as he pulled them down then licked the shaft of my cock, before taking the head into his warm sucking mouth.  I just closed my eyes and let him.

Then I felt his finger teasing my arse. He stopped sucking for a moment and said.
“I want to swallow your cum, then I’m going to fuck this gorgeous virgin arse, till I shoot my load deep into you.” I almost came then, but I wanted to cum in his mouth so much that I managed to hold on. page tranny first time sex

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