Sheffield Dogging Transvestite Story - First Oral Sex


Your first tranny oral, was it your best? or was it like this member a bit of a disappointment until he knew just what he wanted

tranny sex on the beach I wanted oral sex and I was going to go to any lengths to get it, whilst I wasn’t happy about hitting the tranny dogging / cottaging locations I knew for a married tranny this was quite possibly the only way it would happen, yes I know now contacts sites but that was before my big head was taking over the little one and I was walking around 247 with a hard cock into my pink thong

Let me tell you something about me first I’m a married Yorkshire tranny just outside of Sheffield and my EVERY much so doesn’t know that I’m a transvestite as that would be more than enough to get my ass kicked out of the door alone with my pink knockers and other bits I’ve got hidden in the loft, but whilst I do class myself as Tranny I’ve never had sex with another man ………but not anymore

She was going out so tis meant I could get dressed and have some fun and pretty soon after doing this I soon found myself putting on some jeans over my frent knickers and heading out to some tranny dogging location I’d heard about

Firstly it was some really seedy little toilet in Sheffield  and if I’m honest with myself I was crapping myself about getting caught, but I needed this so much, but walking into the toilet and see this guy by the urinal he did look good and HARD which has to be a sure sign he’s not in the toilet for a piss

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His cock was clean, big and hopefully he only wanted to fuck my face with it, he walked over towards me and kneeling down I looked upwards towards him feeling now totally lost in the moment and I tasted my first cock and I started to suck him. The feeling of his fleshy hardness sliding in and out was amazing and licking off his pre-cum. He was quite dominant in that he was ordering me what to, wank me, lick me suck….bitch but all I needed was my first actual feel and sucking a guys cock!!!

But in his urge to fuck my mouth deep he was bringing me to the point of me choking me and whilst I’ve seen loads of porn movies where trannies are sucking guys off and going REALY deep for my first cock I did like things were getting out of hand as his hands were behinh my head and I was being orally abused, so I panicked and pulled out and ran out of the toilet ……but I knew what I now wanted

I joined a contacts site and soon found some other dogging trannies and meet was arranged in what this Sheffield tranny said was a VERY safe dogging location and hopefully this time I would get my first real taste of tranny cum…..its different you know..sweeter

Unfortunately I was too nervous to dress fully but had a a sexy link thong & stocking on and gorgeous in black, when I pulled into the carpark it was VERY quite but soon saw his car right on the other side ( oh the joy of using a dogging forum) and parked up and straight away he passionately kissed me, my nerves vanished and let my horniness take over.

Joe was in a little black mini, looked amazing and even finished with a long black hair and looked so sexy, but it was when I started to rub his cock through the dress I knew there was a lot more to this lady than just a pretty face, she had a massive tranny cock and even inside her knickers I felt it growing

Joe knew just why I was there in that I wanted my first real oral to be with another tranny and hopefully tonight I was going to get my first real taste of cum. I quickly knelt down and his cock was now poking hard against his knickers and looking up his gorgeous stockings & suspenders this was something I wanted soooooo much

Pulling his knickers to one side I slowly pulled his cock out and let him slide into my mouth and pulling back enough so I could lick around his end tasting every bit of his juices, looking up & could see he was happy

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