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sissy I'm an owned sissy maid and so serve my mistress and below is the agreement between myself and my mistress - I've agreed a sissy tranny pledge and HAVE to follow this without out...........if i did then I would have to be prepered to take the punishment from my mistress

The Daily Activites of an ownerless sissy maid. This is the vow i make to myself I swear and vow to follow the sissy way. I will learn each lesson in order, I will maintain chastity, I will wear my panties, I will check my progress daily, I will recite the pledge, I will serve Women, I will practice my new skills, and I will maintain a sissy attitude at all times. I will do all these things because I long to be an acceptable sissy maid and serve Women without question.

The Pledge of a subbmive UK tranny and my sissy guidelines

This pledge must be memorized. Say it every morning, kneeling before a Woman’s panties or shoes if you cannot say it to your Mistress. At the conclusion of the pledge, you may kiss the object of your adoration.

“I pledge allegiance to my Mistress, and through her to all of Womankind. I will obey her orders and accept her discipline, and when she has punished me I will kiss her boots to show my thankfulness. In every thought, word, and deed, I show her my honor, my respect, and my adoration for the Female.”

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Rules & Check Sheet to be followed every day

1. Do not rush through these lessons! 
One per day is exactly right. If you try to do too many at once, you will grow confused and careless—punishable qualities, Do not skip a day unless some emergency arises.

2. Maintain chastity. 
You may satisfy your Domme, Wife, or Girlfriend, but you must make sure she has at least one orgasm—preferably several—before you are permitted to obtain release. You may not masturbate unless specifically directed to do so by your Mistress or by the instructions in the text.

3. Wear your panties every day.

4. Keep account of your progress by filling out the checkup form every single day.

5. Memorize and recite the pledge daily, according to the commands given in blog introduction.

6. Every day, do at least three things to serve Women.
These services may range from the ordinary (holding doors, carrying packages, doing housework) to the major (oral servitude). Do not force a service on an unwilling Woman. Think of what She wants or needs, and do that, not what you wish to do for her.

7. Practice all the skills as you learn them. Curtsying, for example, requires constant, daily practice. Poorly trained sissies do not please Mistresses.

8. Most important of all, maintain proper attitude. 
Be thinking not of your own gratification but of the needs and desires of the Women in your life. Your pleasure should come from serving, obeying, and surrendering yourself, and once in a while from the praise of the Woman you serve, obey, and surrender yourself to.


1. Did you wear your panties today?
If you did, you are growing to be a good little panty slave. If you did not, write in blog “I am a happy panty slave” 100 times. 

2. Did you read the day’s lesson, do the assignments, and fill out the exercises?
If you did, you are learning and growing, just as a sissy maid should. If you did not, do them! Then write, “I will be an obedient little sissy” 100 times.

3. Are you feeling more and more like a sissy?
If yes, good! If not, ask yourself why. Are you rebelling against Female authority? Are you in need of stern disciplinary measures? Do you have some other inadequate excuse? If you wish to continue as a sissy maid, you must learn the proper attitude, skills, and obedience. This program is not for your gratification, my dear little slut. It is to form and discipline you into a sissy good enough to touch the hem of a Mistress.

4. Confess to any lapses of proper sissy behavior today. (For example, if you were rude to a Woman.)


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